“The more people you help, the more people will like you and trust you. What you’re really doing is educating people, that is, solving problems, thus . . ‘teaching sells’.” -Angela Brooks, Marketing Professional-

Hi Mike,

The roses arrived this afternoon and they are lovely! You would have no way of knowing that yellow is my favorite color for roses so i was particularly pleased when the florist delivered the arrangement. Thank you – it was unnecessary but recieved with much delight! From my perspective, you did a great job handling my condo. I was confident at every turn that I had an advocate looking out for my best interests at every turn. Most importantly and put as simply as possible, you got the job done! I am very pleased with your representation and want to again thank you for all your efforts.

Thanks, Kathie


I would like to take the opportunity to extend my appreciation on a job well done. Both Jody and I recognize the herculean effort, patience and commitment you demonstrated to achieve the sale of our unique home in this difficult real estate environment. It was clear to us that you made every effort to exceed our expectations throughout the entire process. I was particularly impressed with how well you communicated with us even when it wasn’t news we wanted to hear. I initially interviewed you out of courtesy to a friend. Before meeting you I was 90% sure that I was going to hire another firm. After a comprehensive and rigorous interview process, it was clear to me that you understood our home, what made it special and what it was going to take to achieve a sale. I was not looking for a realtor to slap up a sign once the audition was over. I wanted a proffesional who could deliver a comprehensive and dynamic marketing program. One that could handle and accomplish the difficult tasks and most importantly, someone who could stay focused and committed from beginning to end. The results have spoken volumes. You proved to be an experienced real estate expert who didnt panic when things weren’t going our way. You new and utilized the best strategies when it came to marketing and negotiating a property of this caliber. You had a keen sense of the market and how our home fit into it. Your extensive network of resources and contacts aided us tremendously to navigate the choppy waters of our real estate journey. In summary, I am thankful we connected. You are the proffesional I had envisioned would be necessary to accomplish the sale of our home in these turbulent times. Please don’t hesitate to offer my name as a reference to prospective sellers. I would be delighted to enlighten them to the Durkin Difference and why I believe you are one of the best.

Warm regards, Gordon Hoffstein

Dear Mike,

Please accept this letter as a recommendation to future prospective clients for an exceptional job. When Barbara and I decided to sell our home, we called on you for the proffesional assistance we needed. We were not disappointed. From the initial meeting with you and Ann Marie right through the closing, we were treated honestly, openly, and with respect for what can be trying times. It was very comforting to know that we could call on you at all hours and get an immediate response to our questions. In the most difficult economic environment that any of us has ever experienced, our home sold very quickly, and we know it was a combination of your years of experience and dedication to us as a client that made it happen. We found that “Durkin was workin” for us, and we were very pleased with the results. Thankyou for a job well done.

Sincerely, Shawn W. McGee

Dear Mike,

The boxes are all unpacked and we are getting settled in our home in Alpharetta. We want to thankyou for getting us down here so quickly. We had our house on the market when the mortgage industry was in crisis mode, but you were able to find a buyer for our house in Northboro in a short period of time. You marketed the house well and negotiated a selling price that was very good for the current housing market. We also appreciate all the work Ann Marie did to keep us informed as to the showings and follow up with the feedback. We highly recommend you to others because of your proffesional attitude and knowledge of the real estate market. If we ever move back to the Northboro area, you wil definately be our realtor.

Sincerely, Leo and Ellen Tilley

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to take a brief moment to thankyou for all your help at selling our home at 28 Little Pond Rd. in Northboro. The process to sell a house can be stressful; however you took the time to explain the process and and dealt with unexpected issues along the way. Facing a declining market, you marketed the home beautifully and priced it accordingly. Your efforts enabled us to secure our asking price ( the highest resale to date in Tall Pines ) in a single day! Thanks again for all your help and “Keep Durkin Workin”

Sincerely, Susan and David Falkowski

Dear Home Buyers and Sellers,

In a world where few things are certain, there is one thing that is certain – if you are buying or selling a home, Michael Durkin is the real estate agent to call. I’ve known Michael for more than a decade, through our conncetions in Northboro but only recently had a chance to watch him do what he does best; sell my house and help me buy a new one. He was amazing! We selected Michael because of his reputation as the #1 realtor in our area with a record of sales to back his claim. But there is somthing about Michael that very quickly makes you feel that as long as matters are in his hands, the job will get done. In a very difficult market, he remained optomistic about selling our house which he did in a short few months. He was the consummate professional, responding quickly to our questions through emails and phone calls. He remained informed about the transaction throughout the process and constantly updated us. In the end he “ sealed the deal” very smoothly with a selling price that was right in the range we had anticipated at the time. Selling our house in such a short period of time meant finding me a house very quickly – and quickly is a understatement. Michael made things happen. He has so many connections that he was able to put a deal together and have me in my new home the same day we closed on our old home. It was nothing short of a miracle. Having Michael Durkin as both my buying and selling agent took away a great deal of stress because he is someone I trusted and who did not let me down at all along the way. He will always go the extra mile to make sure that you are a satisfied customer and that is why I am certain that MIchael Durkin is the only real estate agent who’s phone number you need to know.

Sincerely, Carol L. Bradley

Hi Mike,

Just a quick note to say thank you for selling my home.  You accomplished in 3 weeks what other real estate brokers could not do for the past four years.  Your presentation of my home is the best I have ever seen.  All my relatives and friends marvel at the brochure.  You are always dressed imperceptibly.  You always acted very professional and is was a joy dealing with you.  Again thank You for a job well done.

Henry Bouthiller

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